Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blooming in the Rain !

It fell on my hand first. I looked upThe next one fell on my cheekI opened my mouth a bit; to let out a gasp of unexpected happiness or to quench my thirst - I don't know, it was just involuntary. By the time the raindrops fell rapidly on me, the hills in the distance seemed blurred with curtains of thick rain drops. I opened my arms wide to welcome the cool downpour. The raindrops hit quite harshly on my face, yet my smile grew; 'cos I knew it would eventually soften up. It ain't strange how it reminded me of you. Yeah, your thought have become so forceful, am unable to push them to the back of my mind. But strangely enough, the thoughts are not of how much I miss you, but how much I feel you close to me, at this very moment. Maybe the reason is this enchanting rain or the murmuring songs of these birds. Strange, how the bird chirping seems so much like human voices as I pay more attention.. I sway around in the breeze to ... Gasp! The bus stop near my office is jam- packed & all eyes are stuck on me. Oh and me, I have never wished more that I could vanish. Drenched from head to toe, I fumble within my handbag for the umbrella and pompously open it. Not that I could get any more wet than I already was; but it did help me hide my face from all those staring, amused, jeering, inquisitive stares.

Why did this rain choose to fall now and spin me into my dream world??

Huh! Less than ten minutes and my reverie gloriously turns to a nightmare. Hmm…Wondering which bus stop I shall be using from tomorrow

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My First Blog Award !

I received the "Super Scribbler Award " from Janice of My Diary . It surely is a dream come true, but the compartmentalization freak in me won't le tme do the post here, so you can find the post on my blog Pondering here .

Don't forget to check it, to know the 5 bloggers who were passed over this award by me, and if possible do take out time to read them too..

Check the award widget on the left panel. :) I just can't stop grinning.