Sunday, October 25, 2009

The First Post

Now, this wasn't an easy step. There were so many events , so many memories, so many experiences (pleasant & not so pleasant) which I shall never let go. Tried puting them in a diary before, but never found it safe enough.. But now when I think of a lot of things, they seem to evoke an amused smile, sometimes an unbearable pain. But the stuff I want to blurt out would not fit into any of the blogs yet. Not because of anything except that they are so meaningful for me, might be of interest to people whose life I trod on in the future, the people in whose lives I have been a part yet never really knew me.....

Or maybe am just a case of uncontrollable severe blogobsession mania.

Whatever it is, hope its a good read!!!


  1. Yet another blog from you? And to put down what your other blogs couldn't afford? Hm... That sounds interesting! Waiting for your first real post...

  2. Hey Ekan

    Thanks a lot for dropping by to my new blog. Really Thanks!

    i too at times feel having 5 blogs is absurd, not needed, etc.. but what to do there are things I feel should be categorized and not mixed up. Someone who doesn't enjoy reading poetry need not tread through poems to get to an article. different blogs for fiction, pictures, poems, thoughts and now for true incidents in life.


  3. Very good idea! I love it! Maybe it is something that I should think about, mainly because I am not just "bubble-head" but have lots of other thoughts too. At the moment I feel I am being threatened by someone on here, and sometimes I think that I should give this a rest for a while.
    I really don't know what to do for the best. I love blogging, and don't want to give it up, but I feel I'm being forced too.

  4. @ Alice :

    Hey, thats surprising. Wondering why anyone would threaten you to stop blogging?? In fact, I would resort to threaten you to continue blogging. You love blogging and we love reading your blog, then what should possibly stop you..

    Keep Blogging, don't even think of giving it up. Prayers for you and a hug for visiting my new blog & even following it. :)

  5. Looking forward to reading more!

  6. hello :)
    I would absolutely love to go India it is the one place I want to travel too.
    I am going to Vietnam because it is a trip with my school but India.. Oh i would love it!!
    I will put a follow gadget on for my blog yes :)
    Its so exciting to hear about people that have made their dreams especially when it is the same as mine :)
    I look forward to reading this blog.
    and you're getting married! thats so exciting