Sunday, November 1, 2009

My First Blog Award !

I received the "Super Scribbler Award " from Janice of My Diary . It surely is a dream come true, but the compartmentalization freak in me won't le tme do the post here, so you can find the post on my blog Pondering here .

Don't forget to check it, to know the 5 bloggers who were passed over this award by me, and if possible do take out time to read them too..

Check the award widget on the left panel. :) I just can't stop grinning.


  1. Congratulations on your first award! I nominated Janice because I was one of her very first followers, and she needed an award for being brave enough to relate all of her horrors and to know that she is not alone. I'm pleased that she has, in turn passed it on to you!
    Big hugs!

  2. Oh yes Alice, she surely has a remarkable feat up there on her blog. I have no idea if I'd ever have that much courage to open my wounds, if I were in her place. She surely is a very brave and strong person.

    Thanks for passing it to her, enabling her to give it to me too..

    :) Hugs to you too..
    P.S : Janice is right. you are an angel !

  3. CONGRATZ! Isn't it wonderful that you got an award for your new blog when just the other day how some of your friends found it funny that you maintain multiple blogs?

  4. A little behind in comments because i just found tou through another blog.
    Congrats on your award. And welcome in the blogosphere !!

    I am your new follower:)

  5. Congrats on your award, found you through 20 something and i'm glad i did, cant wait to read your other blogs :)

    visit me sometime, i'm quite

  6. @ Betty: Thanks a lot for dropping by and for commenting.. do keep visiting. and thanks again for following the blog, too..
    sorry for replying late. had been quite busy with life.shall soon drop in to visit your blog.

    @ Miss me:
    Even am glad you did.I just checked on your blog; beautiful layout and had a quick read of your first post,"Hajj". can't wait to get back and read more. Shall soon be doing it..
    & Welcome to my blog.

  7. Superlative!!! congrats!!!
    Hey, do check out this link at your leasure.
    love to hear what you think.