Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm Shifting!

Am shifting.. Its like moving into a house I have been dreaming for years.. Yes; but ti isn't actually a home shifting that am talking about, but a shift from blogosphere. 6 blogs were gettign a bit too handful to maintain and to read (as reported by trusted sources). So, here is the solution. am moving all my blogs under a single roof; where as desired before by me, you could choose which section you'd want to read or not ( From the Menu) and if you aren't particular, I'd be really happy if you go through all. Its just created today. So, the site-warming (if there exists a term like that) is today.. Like when we move home, we still expect our friends to visit us and be friends.. All my friends here are requested to come and be a part of my new site Banter Battery.

 Can't tell you how glad I am to be a domain owner. So, Meenakshi Nair is the official owner / Boss at .Waiting to meet you all there !!!

P.S : A big big bear hug to Raghu ji for making this suppressed dream a reality. I was so very excited and moved by the kind of initiative and trouble he went through for this, I don't even remember saying as much as a thank you to him. Maybe am not that good at mouthing my emotions verbally. But really, from the bottom of my heart; Thanks a ton!!!


  1. Hey your website is gorgeous. Will be there soon.. :)

  2. "Be a drunk with some class." Got it madam. :)
    Puking is the worst thing when it comes to drinking. Can't really take someone else's crap. Tch tch.. girls are dirty sometimes. :P

    Hey, I tried to write this comment in your new place, but couldn't do it. Pls check it out once. After going to word verification, 'Post comment' option is not coming.

  3. Banter Battery is cool name for your website!

  4. @ Karthik

    thanks a lot.. but i got your comment there.. another of my firned called in to say the same.. he too couldn't post a comment.. I will surely check if anythign is wrong.. wouldn't want to lose out on comments for naythign in the world.. :)

    @ Farila : thanks soo much Farila.. please do keep visiting my web home.. :)

  5. Shekhar.. hehehe... bohoth soch ke dala.. so happy you liked it.. :) mere banter battery mein aathe rehna..

  6. I deleted your comments by mistake, I think the wiseone has finally figured out how you could start follwing :). Check on my blog.